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Audrie’s Bio and Counseling Approach

It is my desire to reach every woman, who taps into this ministry, with the gospel of Jesus Christ and teach them to grow in His likeness.  As a lay, board certified biblical counselor, it is my belief Dr. Audrie Sifuentes, Presidentthat Jesus Christ is LORD and He alone is the Savior, Healer, Comforter, Deliverer and ultimate hope for all humanity. From this belief, I take a holistic, nouthetic approach to Christian counseling, acknowledging each woman’s need for spiritual, physical and mental health. I believe God is able to heal all diseases and illnesses of the body and the mind but chooses, in His wisdom, to delay some healings until we are home with Him in heaven.  I believe character and behavioral issues can be changed by God through the workings of His Holy Spirit via Christian counseling.  Since God’s Holy Spirit is the Spirit of truth, Who teaches us truth and leads us into all truth, God’s word is our source text for the work of discipleship counseling in my counseling approach.  I incorporate prayer in most counseling sessions when this is a welcomed practice by the client.

It is my belief that when a person is ready to tackle their life issues from a biblical perspective, God will “do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask” of Him as I and the client humbly approach God in His word and via times of prayer to seek His grace and mercy in the client’s time of need.

While I do not take a clinical approach to counseling, I am a proponent of clinical counseling where certain psychological issues require specific treatment modalities that sometimes also require medications or other treatments for severe mental illnesses.  I refer counselees to appropriate external sources for assistance with matters beyond my scope of ministry service.

My formal education, training and certification consist of:

My business background includes my Bachelor of Business Administration from Campbell University and many years in administrative and personnel management positions with the Federal Government and local business.  I have lived and earned the unique perspectives of needed care that military women and families often experience.

While I have seen God’s loving handiwork throughout my education and training, my great boast is in the sacrificial work of Jesus the Christ on the cross of crucifixion, His resurrection from the dead, and the indwelling presence of His Holy Spirit to empower and complete His kingdom work through us at this (His) incredible ministry.  May Jesus be glorified in all that we do in His holy Name!

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